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Dialogue Beyond Sight ® is a cross-disciplinary collaboration featuring the works of visually impaired creative practitioners.

This project is less about looking or seeing and more about creating, doing and making things happen. It is about taking an understanding of whatever the challenge may be and doing what is required, regardless.

Our approach is to weave innovative and imaginative creative activities into the fabric of collaborative creative practice, unlocking the full potential of creative practitioners for the greater good of the collaboration. Some of the processes may be experimental or exploratory but all of the creative ventures will be inspired and expressive, and also participatory and productive.

Important Announcement:

The Dialogue Beyond Sight 2019 exhibition has been cancelled!
Due to unforeseen circumstances and the changing schedule of key collaborators in this year’s project, we have taken the difficult but necessary decision to postpone the exhibition until 2020. We are sorry for the change in schedule and working with VI collaborators to make sure this change is not disruptive.
We will share details of new dates and the venue as soon as this is confirmed.
The Dialogue Beyond Sight 2019 exhibition has been postponed!

The Dialogue Beyond Sight exhibition team
On behalf of MaMoMi
August 2019.

SEE YOU IN 2019!

The Dialogue Beyond Sight project team takes this opportunity to again say a huge Thank You to everyone that was a part of the Dialogue Beyond Sight 2016 exhibition project, including collaborators and partners.

The enthusiasm, commitment, passion, energy, determination and sacrifice prior to, throughout and after the Dialogue exhibition in 2016 was second to none!

The journey continues.

The DBS team are taking some time to plan the next step in our creative journey, with a series of very unique and engaging creative events. Stay tuned!

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Art | Performance | Workshops

Gallery@OXO, London

12 – 17 July 2016

Dialogue Beyond Sight ® is a cross disciplinary collaboration featuring the works of visually impaired and blind creative practitioners.


The 2016 exhibition was created in response to the theme Dialogue, with a total of 16 visually impaired and blind visual artists and performers presenting a plethora of artworks which included paintings, illustrations, sculptures, decor and installations, while the performances included recitals, storytelling and classical songs.

Part of the programme of events included 10 scheduled workshops, covering various topics and interests, including the Talking Untouchables, a workshop that explored the approach to creating accessibility tools for museums and art galleries for their visually impaired audiences, and Drawing Beyond Sight, a workshop that revealed ways of creating artworks that draw upon our imagination to create dynamic narratives.

Artists and Performers at the Dialogue Beyond Sight 2016 exhibition

Below is a list of artists and performers that collaborated for the Dialogue Beyond Sight exhibition.

Sally Booth. John Bramblitt. Kimberley Burrows. Lynn Cox. Fiona Dunn. Rachel Gadsden. Julie Imus. Zara Jayne. Lloyd McCullough. Ian McNamara. Victoria Oruwari. Kate Portal. Magdalena Rutkowska. Michael Williams.

This exhibition was curated by Andrew Mashigo and Rachel Gadsden.

The 3D Imaging project

This was a mini-project within the Dialogue Beyond Sight project, and the goals were to develop a tactile print of o chosen painting, making sure that we retain as much of the colour scheme and colour range as possible.

Working with Rachel Gadsden, a British artist who is exhibited internationally and who works across the mainstream and disability art sectors, one of the tasks we set ourselves as a project team was to challenge the notion that tactile prints or raised images can only work well as monochrome prints.

Using swell paper has traditionally been the way to depict a visual work in raised images but it was clear to us that we could achieve a greater level of interpretation by producing visual images with multiple interpretation interfaces.

We worked with experienced multimodal communication designers Touch Graphics Europe, and developed the idea to create a tactile print in full colour, by exploring specific characteristics of the painting like the lines in the hair, or the shape of the face, and other features like the eyes and nose. We also used dots to emphasise the areas with predominant colours, and completed the project by adding braille text on the reverse of the print, containing information about the artist, the artwork and credits.

The painting Beyond Sight, as seen in the image below, was made especially for this exhibition by Rachel Gadsden, and selected as the work for this pilot 3D imaging project. This has now been produced as a limited edition print. Contact us for more information or to purchase one of the limited edition prints.

Image description: The image depicts the face of a lady, with a prominent nose, the left eye with more detail than the right eye, and shoulder-length straight hair pulled over from the left of the figure and resting on the right side.
The hair is dark and the left eye is more prominent than the right eye, with just a circle drawn where the eye should be. The lips are full and at the bottom of the painting, near the next, lines are used to depict the length of the neck.
Dots along the outside of and along the base of the neck show the shoulder area.

Public Engagement

Top of our objectives and a key goal for all our activities throughout this event was to reach and work with a wide range of audience during this cross-collaboration. Working with visually impaired and sighted artists and creative practitioners, we devised several workshops covering many topics and interests including Drawing beyond sight, the Talking untouchables, Sight loss awareness and You can Sing!

Below are a few photographs we compiled.

Visually Impaired artist Rachel Gadsden leading her painting workshop.
Julie Davies of UltraCane showing participants how to use the UltraCane.
Blind musician Fiona Dunn playing her ukulele at the exhibition closing event.
Blind classical singer Victoria Oruwari leading a workshop during the exhibition.
Image of exhibition Curator Andrew Mashigo discussing some of the paintings at the Curators talk.
Image of visitors and VI participants listening to artist Lynn Cox discussing her artworks.
Rachel Gadsden discussing her paintings at the Curator’s talk.

The Cross-collaboration

Action Painting: A Musical Composition

Action Painting is a musical composition created in response to a painting from our 2016 Dialogue Beyond Sight Exhibition.

This musical composition was done at the chamber orchestra, in Malaga, Spain, by music composer and orchestra conductor Mr Antonio Moral Jurado, and reveals a process that mimics the relation and points of union between approaches to a pictorial work and approaches to a musical work.

Spanish artist Ismael Moga attended our collaborative exhibition and was one of the sighted artists who contributed immensely to the dialogue around cross-disciplinary practice with visually impaired and blind creative practitioners.

His painting, AfterHere, was created during a workshop activity run by British artist Rachel Gadsden, who co-curated the exhibition.

Image: AfterHere, by Ismael Moga

Action Painting uses reference points such as style, movement, speed, energy and all those elements that give surface and colour to the painting’s texture.

It also uses as a starting point the musical work, idealisation and abstraction of the creative process in the creation of the watercolour painting AfterHere.

In this composition, Ismael was looking to create a framework for action, by channelling certain sounds and gestural impulses happening through the harmonic and temporal spaces, which may sometimes be limiting.

“Its leads to the obtaining of certain timbral or tonal determinations and colour implications, a function that may alternate between themselves”, Ismael said.


Artist: Mr Ismael Moga

Musical composition title: Action Painting

Author: Mr Antonio Moral Jurado, 2017

Music commissioned by Mr. David García Carmona, Director of Chamber Orchestra of the CSM of Malaga, Spain

Director of Orchestra: David García Carmona

Below is the musical composition Action Painting, by Mr Antonio Moral Jurado. Click on the image below to listen.

Image Gallery

Below are some images from the exhibition, including several from the private view on 12 July, scheduled workshops, curators talk and the closing day special live performances.

Thank you to everyone involved in planning and implementing this life-changing event.

Andrew Mashigo
Dialogue Beyond Sight exhibition 2016.


Some quotes by visually impaired artists and collaborators:

Image text: I may be blind but i do have a vision – Victoria Oruwari, Performer.
Image  text: Vision has little to do with what you see through your eyes – Rachel Gadsden, Painter and exhibition co-curator.
Image text: It is my goal, as a children’s book illustrator, to show the world that pictures can still be enjoyed by those without vision. Other senses are just as important. There is dialogue beyond sight. – Kimberley Burrows, Illustrator.


Contributors to the Dialogue Beyond Sight exhibition 2016

Curators: Andrew Mashigo and Rachel Gadsden

Interpretation: Lynn Cox and Lydia Reid

Art Installation: Mikei Hall

Website Design: Matteo Divito, MrSite

Graphic Design: Matt Potter, FirstPoint print SE1

Wall Panels and Tactile Prints: Bernat Franquesa, Touch Graphics Europe

Braille Wall Texts: Arts Coaching Training

Large Print Catalogue Design: MaMoMi

Braille Catalogue Design: Jane Sellers, Braille Transcription Services

Audio Description: Tim Hayton

Press Officer: Sarah Newman

Catering: Café Sunlight CIC

Cinematography: Paul Lewis

Photography: Hamish Roberts

Social Media: James Hallam

The Dialogue Beyond Sight logo is a combination of 3 letters, D B S, blue in colour and in a stylised font. The letters are placed together in a blue circle, giving the logo a contemporary feel.

Dialogue Beyond Sight exhibition is a MaMoMi project supported by Arts Council England. gallery@oxo is owned and managed by Coin Street Community Builders.