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MaMoMi is a community interest company enhancing the experiences and expanding the possibilities available to blind, visually impaired and those at risk of exclusion.

We facilitate the interpretation of art and design for blind and visually impaired creative enthusiasts.


Stitching Together The Patchwork of Southwark Cathedral.

Saturday 28 March 2020.
10.00 – 12.00

The Nave in Southwark Cathedral. The roof looks like an upturned ship and the lines along the arches lead the viewers from the ground all the way to the roof.

Image: The Nave in Southwark Cathedral | Image credit: Eve Milner.

Join this Multisensory Tour for blind and partially sighted visitors as we uncover the history, discover the stories of and explore Southwark Cathedral.

About this tour.

According to one travel writer, Southwark Cathedral is a great, big, friendly lump of a building, just what a cockney cathedral should be!

Led by London Blue Badge Tourist Guide and Southwark Cathedral guide Eve Milner, and supported by Andrew Mashigo, this Multisensory Tour will explore the history of Southwark Cathedral, a magnificent building situated between Guys Hospital, London Bridge station, railway viaducts, office towers and Borough Market.

We will view and be able to touch fragments of the 12th century priory, arches from the 13th century, the most perfect example of an early English Gothic chapel, carved roof bosses from the 15th century and gorgeous monuments created by exiled Huguenot sculptors restored to pristine condition.

We will also hear some previously unheard stories of the cathedral’s survival of the Great Southwark Fire of 1212, the religious rampages of Henry VIII, the German Luftwaffe blitz in 1940 and the violent entry during the London Bridge terror attack of 3rd June 2017.

Please note that this tour is for blind and partially sighted visitors.

View our Events page here for more information.


Tactile Maps, Kensington: More Than Just Wayfinding

This is a tactile map installed outside South Kensington tube station.

Image credit: The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Image description: The robust three-dimensional tactile map features colour-coding, raised letters, symbols and braille. The raised letters and braille are depicted in grey colour, the park and open spaces are depicted in green colour, the buildings in purple, the roads in dark blue and bus stops are marked with round yellow symbols. The map is installed on specially designed lectern style stands.

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Dialogue Beyond Sight exhibition 2016


Museums Association Conference and Exhibition 2017

Andrew delivering the the Beyond Sight workshop at the Museum Practice and careers hub workshops
Image description: Andrew delivers the Beyond Sight workshop at the Museum Practice and Careers Hub Workshop, Manchester.

This was a presentation on the values of interpretation tools, at Museums Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition at the Manchester Central Convention Centre on 16 and 17 November 2017.


ZSL London Zoo visit summer 2017

Image shows several blind participants listening to the Macaws as they are fed.
Image description: Visually impaired participants listen to the Macaws as they are fed in the bird enclosure.
This image shows Visually impaired participants exploring the zoo, listening, looking and smelling the spatial environment.
Image description: Visually impaired participants listen to the birds squawking.
This is a group image of some visually impaired participants, family and companions at the end of the visit.
Image description: This is a group photograph with visually impaired participants, family and companions.

Read more about the ZSL London Zoo summer 2017 visit in our blog.

Photography: Ryan Prince Art. Image credit: MaMoMi