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Stanley Kubrick
4 May 2019
10:30 – 12:00
The Design Museum

Image shows Stanley Kubrick on set during the filming of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Image: Stanley Kubrick on set during the filming of 2001: A Space Odyssey | Image credit: Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.
Join this multisensory tour to gain unique insight into the work and methods of the 20th century’s most iconic film-makers, Stanley Kubrick. Note that the tour starts at an earlier time of 10:30 as we anticipate the exhibition to be very busy.
Read more about this exhibition tour and booking information here.

Home Futures Exhibition
12 January 2019
The Design Museum
The Bocca sofa by Studio 65 is a red lip sofa that became sofa became one of Studio 65's best-known pieces. It's two corners are not perfectly symmetrical, just as human lips would be.
Image: The Bocca Sofa | Image credit: Gufram
This multisensory tour explored what the home means today.
Discover the radical visions of 20th-century designers and how their visions compared to the homes of the present.
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Beazley Designs of the Year
10 November 2018
The Design Museum
The Plastic free supermarket aisle, designed by A Plastic Planet
Image: The plastic-free supermarket aisle | Image credit: Design Museum
This multisensory tour of the eleventh Beazley Designs of the Year DOTY 2018 provided an overview of some of the main themes in the exhibition.
It then focused on case studies across fashion, architecture, digital, graphic design, product and transport.
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Communication and Equality: A Sensory learning and Engagement workshop for the Youth Explainer Programme.
3 November 2018
Kew Gardens

Image: Palm House | Image credit: Kew Gardens
The Youth Explainer programme at Kew Gardens is a bespoke training programme equipping young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage visitors.
This half-day workshop for 25 young volunteers explored sensory learning techniques, evaluated engagement tools and how to engage different audiences.

Sensations and History: A Sensory Trail of Kensington
19 August 2018
High Street Kensington Station, St Mary Abbots Parish Church, Kensington Gardens and Serpentine Pavilion 2018
This image shows some participants of the Sensory Trail listening to some interesting facts about St Mary Abbots Parish Church
Image: VI participants during our tour of St Mary Abbots Parish Church
The sensory trail of Kensington explored some interesting historical sites. Starting at High Street Kensington station via St Mary Abbots Parish Church and Kensington Gardens, the Trail concluded at the Serpentine Pavilion, with plenty of stops for breaks and discussions along the way.
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A Multisensory Architecture Tour of the Design Museum
12 May 2018
The Design Museum
The image shows the exterior building of the Design Museum
Image credit: Design Museum
This architecture tour of the Design Museum offered visually impaired visitors an introduction to the key architectural features of the Design Museum, as well as a chance to explore the history of this landmark modernist structure

Ferrari: Under the Skin, The Multisensory Tour
17 March 2018
The Design Museum
Image shown is the entrance to the Ferrari: Under the Skin exhibition. It shows the name of the exhibition in a large black texts, against the red wall.
Image: Entrance to the Ferrari exhibition | Image credit: Design Museum
The Ferrari: Under the Skin tour for visually impaired visitors focused on the unique design and engineering stories behind this unique luxury car brand.
A hands-on workshop explored some of the themes and ideas from the exhibition after the tour.
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Designer Maker User Exhibition: The User Tour
13 January 2018
The Design Museum
Image credit: Design Museum
The Designer Maker User tour explored user interaction with design and observed and discussed how users influence design.
The tour concluded with a workshop session that focused on designs that have positively impacted the lives of disabled users, particularly visually impaired users.

Beazley Designs of the Year Multisensory Tour
18 November 2017
The Design Museum
This is an image of Port House Antwerp by Zaha Hadid Architects
Image credit: Port House Antwerp © Hufton+Crow
The Beazley Designs of the Year 2017 multisensory tour introduced several of the projects in the DOTY exhibition and their underlying themes.
The tour focused on how we can assess the value of design and it’s long-term impact and ended with workshop activities in response to the exhibition.
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Museums Association Conference and Exhibition 2017
16 November 2017
15.30pm – 16.00pm
Room One
Manchester Central Convention Centre
Image description: Andrew delivers the Beyond Sight workshop at the Museum Practice and Careers Hub Workshop, a programme of free workshops that was part of Museums Association's annual conference and exhibition, at the Manchester Central Convention Centre
The Museum Practice and Careers Hub Workshop was a programme of 30 free workshops and part of Museums Association Annual Conference and Exhibition, which took place at the Manchester Central Convention Centre on 16 and 17 November 2017. We focused on the 3D imaging project commissioned in 2016 for the Dialogue Beyond Sight exhibition in London.

The Design and Play Multisensory Tour: Exploring Designer Maker User
9 September 2017
The Design Museum
An image of the Maker section of the Designer Maker User exhibition, with the 3D print objects on display
Image credit: Design Museum
This Design Museum multi-sensory tour of Designer Maker User explored the relationship between design and play.
At the workshop session, participants co-designed new objects in response to the theme of design and play.
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Visit to ZSL London Zoo: Summer 2017
16 July 2017
ZSL London Zoo
Image: Entrance to the Tiger Territory at London Zoo | Image credit: Ryan Prince Art

Our first group social visit to ZSL London Zoo was great fun and with the fortune of good weather throughout our 4-hour visit, except for very light showers right at the end of the day.
Read ZSL London Zoo visit for our blog.

Designer Maker User Exhibition
10 June 2017
The Design Museum
The Designer, Maker, User exhibition, Design Museum
Image credit: Design Museum
This multisensory tour explored the Design Museum’s permanent collection, Designer Maker User, stopping at particular exhibits designed to provide an introduction to contemporary design and to explore the ways in which design engages with all of our senses.
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The Open Senses Symposium
19 May 2017
Institute of Philosophy, University of London
The Open Senses Symposium
Image credit: Open Senses
The Open Senses Symposium hopes to challenge, demonstrate and interrogate how a sensory practice is capable of building greater connection to the world, our environment, the people around us and ourselves.
Read The Open Senses Symposium for full programme

The Design Museum: A Sensory Trail
11 March 2017
The Design Museum
Image: Tent in the Park, by Clementine Blakemore
The Sensory Trail will stop at interesting features along a tour designed to explore physical features and a tactile walkway around and within the museum.​
Read our the New Design Museum touch tours blog.

Disabled Access Day 2017
10 – 12 March 2017
Disabled Access Day 2017
Image credit: Disabled Access Day
We are taking part!
Our next tour at the Design Museum coincides with Disabled Access Day 2017

The Design Museum: A Building Tour
3 December 2016
The Design Museum
Image: The new Design Museum
Image credit: The Design Museum
This multisensory tour for visually impaired visitors offers an insight into the transformation of the Design Museum

Dialogue Beyond Sight Exhibition
12 – 17 July 2016
Oxo Tower Wharf
London SE1 9PH
Dialogue Beyond Sight exhibition
Dialogue Beyond Sight was a multi-sensory cross-disciplinary collaboration between visually impaired artists and performers.
Go to Dialogue Beyond Sight for more information

Bike-ability: The Cycle Revolution: A Multi-Sensory Tour
9 April 2016
The Design Museum
Image credit: Ultracane
Taking a tour of the Cycle Revolution exhibition, this tour, Bike-Ability: the Cycle Revolution, examines some revolutions in bicycle design, with a focus on material and function.
This tour includes a handling session and a demonstration of a bicycle kit designed to allow people who are blind or visually impaired to cycle independently.

The 4D Experience: A workshop exploring the multisensory
14 June 2014
Nancy Victor Gallery
6 Charlotte Place
London W1T 1SG
This is an image of a shortbread made for the 4D experience workshop
This one-day event explored how the multisensory approach can enhance the experience and interpretation of visual art, working with blind, visually impaired and deaf blind participants.