An image that is made of three pieces of art. From the left: a figure of person's head made with wire; a drawing of a person's face; and then a drawing of a massive giant with two smaller people in a forest setting


Dialogue Beyond Sight ® is a cross-disciplinary collaboration featuring the works of visually impaired creative practitioners.

This project is less about looking or seeing and more about creating, doing and making things happen. It is about taking an understanding of whatever the challenge may be and doing what is required, regardless.

Our approach is to weave innovative and imaginative creative activities into the fabric of collaborative creative practice, unlocking the full potential of creative practitioners for the greater good of the collaboration. Some of the processes may be experimental or exploratory but all of the creative ventures will be inspired and expressive, and also participatory and productive.


Art | Performance | Workshops

Gallery@OXO, London

12 – 17 July 2016

Dialogue Beyond Sight ® is a cross disciplinary collaboration featuring the works of visually impaired and blind creative practitioners.


The 2016 exhibition was created in response to the theme Dialogue, with a total of 16 visually impaired and blind visual artists and performers presenting a plethora of artworks which included paintings, illustrations, sculptures, decor and installations, while the performances included recitals, storytelling and classical songs.

Part of the programme of events included 10 scheduled workshops, covering various topics and interests, including the Talking Untouchables, a workshop that explored the approach to creating accessibility tools for museums and art galleries for their visually impaired audiences, and Drawing Beyond Sight, a workshop that revealed ways of creating artworks that draw upon our imagination to create dynamic narratives.

Artists and Performers at the Dialogue Beyond Sight 2016 exhibition

Below is a list of artists and performers that collaborated for the Dialogue Beyond Sight exhibition.

Sally Booth. John Bramblitt. Kimberley Burrows. Lynn Cox. Fiona Dunn. Rachel Gadsden. Julie Imus. Zara Jayne. Lloyd McCullough. Ian McNamara. Victoria Oruwari. Kate Portal. Magdalena Rutkowska. Michael Williams.

This exhibition was curated by Andrew Mashigo and Rachel Gadsden.

The 3D Imaging project

This was a mini-project within the Dialogue Beyond Sight project, and the goals were to develop a tactile print of o chosen painting, making sure that we retain as much of the colour scheme and colour range as possible.

Working with Rachel Gadsden, a British artist who is exhibited internationally and who works across the mainstream and disability art sectors, one of the tasks we set ourselves as a project team was to challenge the notion that tactile prints or raised images can only work well as monochrome prints.

Using swell paper has traditionally been the way to depict a visual work in raised images but it was clear to us that we could achieve a greater level of interpretation by producing visual images with multiple interpretation interfaces.

We worked with experienced multimodal communication designers Touch Graphics Europe, and developed the idea to create a tactile print in full colour, by exploring specific characteristics of the painting like the lines in the hair, or the shape of the face, and other features like the eyes and nose. We also used dots to emphasise the areas with predominant colours, and completed the project by adding braille text on the reverse of the print, containing information about the artist, the artwork and credits.

The painting Beyond Sight, as seen in the image below, was made especially for this exhibition by Rachel Gadsden, and selected as the work for this pilot 3D imaging project. This has now been produced as a limited edition print. Contact us for more information or to purchase one of the limited edition prints.