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We offer visual awareness training that can be fitted to your group or organisation’s needs. We believe that for social inclusion to be truly embedded in our society, we need to open up several lines and paths of dialogue, discussions and activation.

This service is available to any organisation including small businesses, educational institutions and local authorities.

Taking part in this training will give the attendees a much greater awareness of the issues facing blind and visually impaired people and an improved understanding of how to guide, assist, and support them. Our visually impaired partner trainers offer their lived experience that adds to the value and content of the sessions.

Depending on your requirements, training can be run as either half day or full day sessions.

Training will include:

The nature of disability
The different types of disability
Understanding different eye conditions
The emotional impact of sight loss
Appreciate the experience of being visually impaired, and the barriers blind and partially sighted people face daily.
How to assist and guide a visually impaired or blind person
Effective communication and appropriate language
Advice on reasonable adjustments

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

NEWS: Huge congratulations go to our cohort of sighted guides on the completion of our visual awareness training. After months working closely with Andrew and Lynn and gaining valuable experience guiding, supporting and assisting at several of our events, the sighted guides have now completed their visual awareness training, which included a half-day training session.

Visual Awareness Training aims to give people an understanding of sight loss, discussing some of the issues visually impaired may face daily and the support that can be offered. Included in our training sessions are discussions about the range of sight conditions, the emotional impact of sight loss, practising sighted guiding skills, possible sight loss related reasonable adjustments, discussions around legal obligations and good practice when communicating with blind and partially sighted people. We also show how products from our in-house digital imaging projects are used to share accessible information to blind and partially sighted clients and participants.

Below are three of the guides receiving their certificates of completion. Congrats again to Ismael Moga, Ryan Prince and Shisheng Wang.

Image description: The image shows Ismael picking his certificate. He is standing in the middle and holding his certificate, with Lynn on the left and Andrew on the right. They are all smiling.
Image description: This image shows Ryan picking his certificate. He is standing in the middle and holding his certificate, with Lynn on the left and Andrew on the right. They are all smiling.
Image description: The right image shows Shisheng picking her certificate. She is standing on the right with Andrew on the left. They are both smiling.